Do we service individual clients or do small orders?

As of yet, our business focus is on corporate retail companies and small businesses that are interested in our minimum purchase base product of 2,000-pound pallets of fresh fruits and vegetables. 


What benefits do we offer small businesses? 

We offer an opportunity for small businesses to partner with us on our ten-year small business partnership plan. This plan offers market-rate discounts and allows us to build a mutually beneficial relationship that expands growth opportunities for long-term success. Beyond more budget-friendly pricing, the partnership offers coaching, access to national networks and cross-promotional opportunities.


Are we competitively priced?

Freedman Farms offers high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables harvested within forty-eight hours of shipping. That's why we say our product is "fresh at its best." Retailers will be receiving high-market retail value at mid to low-level market retail pricing. Retailers interested in long-term contract opportunities will receive even greater value and reduced pricing. 


What are acceptable forms of payment? 

We accept all major credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard), and installment payments through Shop Pay. We also accept payments from e-wallets, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 


Do you distribute to my state? 

We currently deliver Freedmen Farms to commercial businesses in these eleven states: Michigan, Georgia, California, NY, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.  Send us an email to add your state to the waiting list. 


Can I place a special order for smaller quantities of Freedmen Farms produce? 

Yes! We would love to partner with small businesses through our Small Business Partnership Program, however, we are flexible and willing to accommodate special requests for smaller quantities of 1 to 2 pallets. 


Is Freedmen Farms publicly traded? 

No. Freedmen Farms is a privately held company. 


Who owns Freedmen Farms? 

Freedmen Farms is owned by the holding company Velour Imports Inc. Freedmen Farms operates independently.


What is Freedmen Farms suggested retail price?  How much does the store make? 

Freedmen Farms is taking us back to a simpler time, a time of traditional economies based on the four laws of supply and demand. Anywhere from 32-40% margins. A suggested retail price ranges from .21 -.24 per ounce (3.50 to 3.99/lbs).

  • WHOLE 
    • 34-40% margins
    • Retails to customers for .21 per ounce (3.50/lbs)
    • 32-34% margins
    • Retails to customers for .24 per ounce (3.99/lbs)


Are products from Freedmen Farms expensive? 

No. Freedmen Farms is a high-value brand of quality over quantity.  We have a stricter quality standard than Whole Foods and like Whole Foods our produce is grown by smaller, specialized producers. Specialized producers might cost a few cents more than the wax-covered fruit imported from overseas that you buy in your local grocery aisle.   


Who are Freeman Farms target customers? 

Products from Freedmen Farms are moderately priced to fit into up-and-coming neighborhood markets, emerging food prep and catering companies, and natural-based products (shampoos, soaps, carpet cleaners, etc).  Whether your business is a neighborhood market or a supermarket or if you need all-natural ingredients for your final product then the fruits, herbs, and vegetables from Freedmen Farms is ready to be your preferred fresh produce supplier.


Freedmen Farm products are non-modified but the label says "Organic" Does that mean Freedmen Farms products meet the U.S. organic standards? 

Freedmen Farms strictly adhere to all Federal labeling guidelines and USDA food safety precautions.  All "Organic" and "Made with Organic" products sold in the U.S. must meet standards set out by the National Organic Program (NOP), the federal regulatory framework governing organic food.