Our Story

At Freedmen Farms, we believe that healthy soil means healthy food and healthy people. Our roots run deep. We are a collective association of farmers committed to producing high-quality organic produce. Our produce is free from chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides and is non-genetically modified. We support retailers and grocers in providing their communities with healthy and safe food options.

When you buy Freedmen Farms, you support a network of sixth-generation farmers with strong family bonds and historic ties to their land and communities. We pride ourselves on using trustworthy farming practices to produce the highest quality farm fresh produce. In fact, we harvest produce from more than 200 farmers in a 250-mile radius. That means we can guarantee that produce is picked up within 24 to 48 hours of harvesting. Freedmen Farms is a true farm-to-table experience.

Our mission is to make organic produce accessible to individuals with little to no fresh food options. By choosing Freedmen Farms, you not only reap the health benefits of eating fresh, but you also bolster communities on their way to self-sustainability. Join our effort, buy mindfully! Buy with intention. Buy Freedmen first.

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