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Together, We Thrive 
freedmen farms offers small business the farmers price plus 3 percent

Freedmen Farms believes small business owners should have affordable options.  Freedmen's Choice offers business owners produce options for a reliable price.

Freedmen's Choice is our membership club for small businesses who buy 1-to-2 pallets at a time. Designed to:

  • Empower new and expanding businesses with access to pallets of farm fresh produce.  
  • Eliminate rapidly changing and unpredictable produce prices.  

Join Freedmen's Choice now as a new member.  Lock down quality, non-modified produce by the pallet for the next ten years. Sign up now to join and get a new membership for only $500 dollars (equivalent to $50 a year).   

Freedmen's Choice FAQs

Become a Small Business Member Today!

Together, let's thrive!  Do you bake vegan cupcakes or brew craft beer?  Freedmen's Choice allows small business owners to select Freedmen Farms as their businesses preferred food supplier of non GMO fruits, grains, herbs, and vegetables.

Why Freedmen's Choice?

  • Quality Assurance:  Lock in a reliable resource of quality non-modified foods by the pallet. Pallets delivered fresh from the farm.
  • Tailored Solutions:  One to two pallets is perfect for new or expanding small businesses with limited refrigeration.
  • Competitive Pricing:  Enjoy the farmer's price plus a 3% margin for us. Then, as our purchasing power grows, your savings increases. That means: "When the Farmer's Prices Goes Down, So Does Yours!"


Choose Freedmen's Choice   
Freedmen Choice members authorizes Freedmen Farms to serve as your preferred supplier for ten years.  Then small business owners benefits from a set price per pound on each pallet of produce, herb, and vegetables the business purchases during the year. 

Each anniversary we celebrate the milestone with a price evaluation.  Why? Because our goal is to sell enough Freedmen Farms supply that we create a natural demand for non GMO fruits and vegetables. That could result in a traditional economy built on the foundation of American agriculture.  Inflation hits businesses the hardest.  We can't guarantee your price will go down but we can keep your food costs from going up!   

Make Your Choice Today! 

Freedmen's Choice FAQs


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