FAQs About Freedmen's Choice

What is Freedmen's Choice?
Freedmen's Choice is Freedmen Farms' membership club for small businesses. We offer small business members a competitively priced a set price-per-pound on all purchases of produce pallets. Members agree to pay "The Farmer's price + Three Percent (3%) for Service Provider" = as the businesses set price per pound in exchange for a one time membership fee of $500 (equivalent to $50 a year for ten years). 

What Are Your Costs Per Item?
Pallets of yams, onions, leeks, and other produce items are available to Freedmen's Choice members at a flat price per pound.  Small businesses the two styles in quantities of 1-to-2 pallets:  Whole & Wholesome or Chopped, Sliced, & Diced.  We chose this pricing model to reflect our commitment to ensure these American farmers sell their entire harvest(s).  

If the farmer's price goes up, does my price go up?
No. If the farmers lower their price to Freedmen Farms then we reduce your price per pound the following year. If the farmer's price goes up yours stays the same. We absorb the difference. 

What Sets Freedmen's Choice Apart From the Competition?
Experience the Freedmen Farms difference: We offer organic produce cultivated by black farmers, emphasizing tradition and purity with non-GMO crops and traditional farming methods. Our direct distribution extends to select states with expansion plans on the horizon.

Is Shipping Included in the Price?
We ensure a quality delivery experience with commercial grade, refrigerated third party logistics companies who charge the average rate for the market. The cost for freight transportation is itemized separately on the invoice and includes a 5% margin for Freedmen's Choice. However, domestic shipping costs are cheaper than importing from overseas.

Will My Order be Delivered On A Refrigerated Truck?
Yes, we use refrigerated trucks and domestic shipping rates to ensure the quality and freshness of each produce pallet.  

Do You Host Q&A Sessions?
Yes, we arrange open floor Q&A sessions for certain partners. These sessions foster open dialogue and collaboration, allowing partners to provide feedback and suggestions.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
All orders must be paid before delivery, and we accept all major credit cards through our online platform, Shopify. Payment can also be made in installments using Shop Pay by Shopify.

Do You Distribute to My State?
Currently, we deliver to commercial businesses in ten states: Michigan, Georgia, California, New York, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

What Payment Options Are Available?
In support of sustainable farming practices orders must be prepaid to streamline the transaction process.  Conveniently pay with major credit cards or opt for installment plans through Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

What Kind of Perks Can I Expect?
Freedmen's Choice members enjoy stable pricing and the rewards of long-term growth partner. Say goodbye to volatile prices and embrace exclusive benefits tailored for your small business.

Are membership fees refundable? 
Membership and enrollment processing fees are used to secure a sustainable supply of quality, non-modified foods with farmers. Fees are non-refundable. 

How do I Sign Up to Join and Get a New Membership?
Freedmen's Choice members sign a master service agreement which authorizes Freedmen Farms to serve as your businesses preferred fresh food supplier for ten years.

How Often are Prices Reduced?
Each year we celebrate your anniversary with a price evaluation. We want to decrease your price!  If farmers lower their prices then that means we achieved our goal of creating enough demand for the Freedmen Farms supply and build a traditional economy of American agriculture. 




Small businesses can sign a preferred supplier agreement, providing Freedmen Farms the first right to refuse while maintaining the flexibility to work with other suppliers.