How to Order

1. Choose product type

 Whole and Wholesome

2. Select size & payment method

 4 Pallets
10 Pallets 
Smaller quantities available in the Business Partnership Program
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     3. Accept Shipping Date 

     We confirm your order with the farmers

    We offer you the earliest shipping date 

    Because the produce from Freedmen Farms guarantee is picked up within forty-eight hours of harvest, the Logistics team confirms the inventory and quantity of your order with the farmers before offering customer the earliest shipping date. If that day doesn't work, then select a later date for delivery. 

    4. Accept Delivery 

     You accept earliest shipping date You accept the order when delivered
    The shipping date is the date your order leaves the farm, the delivery date is the day your order will arrive.
    Customers select shipping dates and then a third-party logistics company delivers your order on a refrigerated truck.
    The average transportation time ranges from one to three business days depending upon your location.