Velour Announces Distribution for Small Craft Beverage Makers

Velour Imports is thrilled to announce they have started providing a worldwide distribution and other related services to small American craft beverage makers. The service will provide craft brewers the opportunity to participate in revenue sharing from craft exports. Velour Import was founded recently on the principle of delivering the highest quality craft from small American craft brewers to the world. It will provide a huge opportunity for American Brew Masters, wine makers, and cider enthusiasts the opportunity to effortlessly sell their product in all corners of the world.

"There is a strong growing demand for American crafts abroad, Velour Imports is pleased to provide small craft brewers an opportunity to increase their access to international markets" stated Brooke Sinclair, CEO of Velour Imports.

When it comes to a headache small craft brewers face in discovering new opportunities for their product, Velour provides an effective solution by helping companies to conduct international market research to discover new opportunities companies can leverage on. They also provide craft makers with sales agents, brokers, and distributors per country. Velour provides exposure to small craft brewers by advertising their brand products through digital design firms specializing in the identified region. They also represent brands at trade shows and conferences.

With the merger of the two largest beer companies in the world -Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller, craft breweries which albeit account for 11% of the market will find it more difficult to do business. Velour has come to solve this problem for small craft breweries concerned about domestic distribution in the wake of the recent "big beer" merger of Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller, giving them opportunity to share in the revenue that comes from craft beer exports from the US which values has increased by 16.3% to total 446,151 and worth US$116 million.

Velour helps to put small and independent American craft brewers on the global map. They help brewers discover opportunities for their crafts and provide them with a comprehensive approach to selling in an international market. The company's mission is to "Deliver the down home taste of America to thirsty individuals across the world while enhancing the prosperity of those who dare to dream of being more than what they are today." Their motto is “The Flavors of America, The Favorites of the World.”



Online PR Media | July-2016