New Face, New Name, Same Mission

For more than five years, the company Velour Imports has seen phenomenal opportunities. Born from coincidence, an opportunity to import a wine from Argentina into the states, the export management company Velour Imports grew from one idea and then, on its own, turned into a digital marketplace and distribution platform right before my eyes.

Over the years we built an extensive network in the global community. We got to know the players and how they play the game but it seemed as though something was always missing. You might say the company lacked that certain we forgot who we were and why we started this in the first place.

My motivation and inspiration behind Velour Imports, our mission before and our mission for Velourit, is to enhance the proper prosperity of those who dare to dream of being more than what they are today. I started this business because I dreamed of doing more with my life than living the corporate 9-to-5 lifestyle. Even with flexible hours. Don’t think of this as closing one company for another, think of this as us elevating a world-class brand to the next level.

Velourit is for all your import needs. The slogan “.” Why import it yourself when you can Velourit at Velourit is Latin America’s #1 site for importing goods and services beginning with the Caribbean’s Community Based Tourism (CBT) and Resilience projects. Within the next five years Velourit will be Latin America’s one-stop-shop online for value-adding food & beverages for commercial resale in the private luxury sector.

We are even more committed to playing a large role in increasing international distribution for the underdog. Those independently-owned manufacturers Distillers, Cideries, Breweries, and more who are struggling for survival as a result of COVID-19. Our business is now, as it was before, focused on supporting small business owners increase sales, spend less time and money searching for and qualifying brands, and promoting brand awareness on a global scale. We’re just doing it better with Velourit.