Digitally Connected: Peru FAQ

What is Digitally Connected: Peru?

A 5-year project to build Velourit’s Logistics & Supply Chain Platform.

Why Peru?

Currently, the (GOP) does not have the ability to track agricultural goods as they’re moved from the farms of Peru to the United States.

The GOP had a goal to reduce the cultivation of cocoa and cocaine production which has been largely successful in some regions. However,​​ in other regions, poverty – underpinned by insecurity, isolation, and inadequate state presence – provides fertile ground for coca cultivation. 

While the GOP has substantially increased its own resources to reduce coca in priority post-eradication regions, much can be done with civil society and the private sector to help assist development partners in the work they do.  Building synergies between civil and private sectors will lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.

What is Velourit’s role?

Velourit is building sustainable supply chain solutions to solve the long-term challenges in the global supply chain through three to five-year projects. 

This effort includes the five-year project to build a supply chain platform, Digitally Connected: Peru to establish and expand licit value chains and financial and telecommunications services required to galvanize local economies.  

This collaboration to create digital connectivity will form a key effort complementing and supporting the GOP’s role in expanding the effective provision of much-needed public goods and services.

What is the sponsor’s role?

Each corporate sponsor will act as a resource partner to help shape and develop Velourit’s solution using their expertise in their respective markets.

What do sponsors get in return?

Each corporate sponsor has the benefit of adding their input as we build a more sophisticated export system. In addition, sponsors will have direct access to the Peruvian market in order to fulfill infrastructure needs by providing necessary products and/or services.