Digitally Connected


Velourit is proud to announce a major step forward: Digitally ConnectedCorporations excited about expanding their brand into new and emerging markets can now benefit from robust Digitally Connected market entry projects. With the support of our partners and sponsors, we can fulfill the needs of people in rising economies all over the world. Our mission is to forever change the way the world thinks about the supply chain.  And with your support we can!


Digitally Connected is a plan to build sustainable supply chain solutions and solve the long-term challenges in the global supply chain through three to five-year projects. The sustainability infrastructure projects conducted in new and emerging industries in markets around the globe.  Supported by the USAID, the IDB Lab, corporate sponsors, and resource partners from industries all over the world. Together we are reducing agricultural waste and the negative impact of climate change. 


Governments all over the world are spending billions of dollars on infrastructure projects. They recognize that developing a sustainable supply chain solution means connecting new and emerging markets around the world to the US. This means increased development in various economies and new business for our sponsors. Digitally Connected sponsors have a rare opportunity to make meaningful change by integrating their products and services directly into the infrastructure of a rapidly developing country. Essentially, becoming a household name.  


    Digitally Connected projects create great market entry opportunities for corporations seeking to expand their reach into new and emerging markets. Project sponsors are entitled to a range of exclusive benefits and rewards including exposure in the retail and consumer industry both in the United States and abroad. These benefits include but are not limited to:

    • Campaign visibility in front of 30,000+ members of exclusive online communities, social media, and step & repeat at events  
    • Special invitations 
    • Networking happy hours for new business
    • and more...

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