Freedmen Farms is Investing in America's Farmers

Valuable Samples of Quality Product Means No Free Samples

May 16, 2024 – Freedmen Farms is proud to announce its commitment to supporting American farmers and maintaining the highest quality standards by not offering free samples of its fresh produce. This strategic decision reflects our dedication to fair wages, sustainable farming practices, and the value of high-quality American-grown produce.

“We believe in paying American farmers a fair day’s wage for a fair day's work,” said Brooke Sinclair, spokesperson for Freedmen Farms. Our produce is handpicked and freshly harvested by skilled American farm workers. Each sample is a taste of luxury, tradition, and culture, and it’s priced accordingly at $24.99.”

We Don’t Offer Free Samples - The Reasons Why
Offering free samples often incurs hidden costs that ultimately burden both farmers and companies. With the rising costs of food due to inflation, every piece of produce is a valuable commodity. Free samples can also lead to waste, as produce is perishable and consumable. Instead of giving away our high-quality produce, we focus on ensuring that every piece is valued and paid for.

Customer Support and Preference
A recent Twitter poll revealed 63% of frequent grocery store shoppers would pay more for strawberries picked by American citizens. There is strong consumer support for the Freedmen Farms approach of investing in local quality labor.

The True Cost of Samples
Free samples are not truly free. They represent a significant sales cost for both farmers and Freedmen Farms. For a lot of U.S. companies, the policy of offering free samples is costly in terms of time and money spent on approvals and distribution, often with no guaranteed sales result. In today’s market, even shipping and handling fees for samples can be prohibitively expensive.


A Commitment to Quality and Fairness
Our Delicious and Healthy Sample Box is priced at $24.99 (plus shipping and handling). That includes:
  1. Three one-pound bags of Chopped, Diced, and Sliced
  2. In an insulated, reusable shipping box
  3. With reusable ice packs

This package ensures that our customers receive high-quality produce while supporting six generations of American farmers who receive fair compensation for their labor.

Freedmen Farms is committed to providing the best produce while supporting American farmers. By not offering free samples, we ensure that every piece of produce is valued and that our farmers are fairly compensated. We invite our customers to think about where they fit into the big picture and to join us in supporting sustainable and fair farming practices.

About Freedmen Farms

Freedmen Farms is dedicated to providing high-quality, American-grown produce while supporting local farmers. Our commitment to fair wages and sustainable practices ensures that our customers receive the best produce available, all while contributing to the well-being of our farming communities.