Founder of Velourit On Entrepreneurship + Raising Capital from VCs

In Episode 9, Founder and CEO Brooke S. Sinclair discusses how Velourit makes importing easy. Translated the slogan “Don't Just Import it, Velourit” means why import it yourself when you can VelourIt? Velourit wants to be Latin America’s #1 site for simplified importing goods. Beginning with the Caribbean’s Community Based Tourism (CBT) and Resilience projects.

Velourit plans to become Latin America's one-stop-shop for value-added products from America within the next five years.  Our business-to-business SaaS platform offers a number of integration features and simplifies the import process. 

Serial entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer, Brooke S. Sinclair, is a transportation, distribution, and supply chain expert turned founder. Before the Import/Export industry, Brooke worked as a Retail Donation Manager for Houston Food Bank. She managed three remote distribution programs worth $9M a year. One year after taking the role program value increased to $11M, she reduced overtime by 6%, and reduced waste and trash removal cost by nearly $100,000. Her second year, she added on 2 other programs and increased program value to over $15M.   

Entrepreneurship + Raising Capital from VCs (Part 2)  Velourit for all your import needs.

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